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March 6, 2009

White Puffles Ready and March 09 Catalog Cheats


Firstly, the CP Team has made some BIG changes in the puffle catalog!  There is a table of contents, Puffle Cards, Adoption pages, and much more!  Click HERE to go check it out in SWF Mode!

In the Adoption Pages, after thge page of the yellow puffle, finally comes the White Puffle!


It’s for members only, (Sorry Non-members) but I can show you all what they do!

First, here is their Card!


They Feed regurlary, but their baths!


They would jump in, freeze the water, crack the ice, get out, break the ice cube around it.  Yeah, it’s a lot.

When they eat a cookie, they’ll sling through it twice, then the half will slide into it’s mouth.  Cool, huh?

Let’s look at how they play..


One way is they blow up a rink, then get on it with a sled.  Cool!

When you get them gum, they will chew it, then when it’s REALLY big, it will freeze and crack. Whoa!

If you make it sleep, it seems to take longer to wake up…hmmm…

The other way it plays is it blows a half pipe sculpture and spins around it!  Freaky cool!


And now, the March 09 Style catalog cheats!

Firstly, click the gold in the pot of gold for the pot of gold! (It’s an old rare item, =P)


Secondly, click the More… in the Penguin Play awards page for the Boa (Which used to be seriously rare)


And there is something weird on the shoes part of the lady with the starotte hair, its a weird glitch, it will say Sorry this item is not availible.  It’s weird!  Hmmm…try it before they fix it!

Thirdly, click the middle spotlight for the red viking helmet!


Open and close it four times for the blue viking helmet!

Fourthly, click the EE in CoffEE to get the Spikester!


Last, well, here it is:


Be sure to check out the backrounds and Penguin at Work!  (It’s an old penguin at work, 😦 little old…)

Bye!  Check back later for updateso n the St. Patricks Day party!


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