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May 6, 2009

Story! (From Post Below…I think)

Helllllllooo panguins!

On tonights show, Wacky Flip8 will be telling us a story!

It called, “How I lost My Viking Helemts”!

Lol, ok, here’s the story i FINALLY thought of after thinking a day.

The cold wind swept over my face as I entered the bright Gift Shop on a stormy night.  I was looking for cheats in the catalog, and slowly, I reached for the book and opened it to the first page.  I kept turning, and finally, I pressed a spotlight where I found the Red Viking helmet – 750 coins.  I studied my coins in my pocket.  “One, two, three…”  after a few hours, I finally found my amount.  My tiny penguin head felt impressed for no disconnection.  841,198 coins.  I finally managed to stand from the stool and strolled to the manager.   “Give me this Viking Helmet,”  I demanded.  While waiting patiently for him to check the item, which took about an hour, I found the Blue Viking helmet cheat:  Opening and closing the Red Viking Helmet 4 times.  I asked for that, too, which took off 1,200 plus the 750.  I waved goodbye and started out the door.  I opened my wardrobe and put on my Blue Viking helmet, which I lead myself to the stage to see a play.  I finally got to the Plaza and read the stage sign:  The Penguins That Time Forgot.  “Cool,”  I thought as I entered the room.  Shouts from girl penguins rose up over the stage:  “AHHHHHHH!”  A few ‘older’ penguins were snoring away in their seat.  Z z Z z Z z Z z Z.  I asked the boot manager for a seat in the top left.  Of course, because I’m a lefty.  I sat my body into the chair and watched the play.  Finally, the play was over, and I left the stage.  I still wondered how penguins got down without stairs!  I patted my head and admired my new – wig?  “Strange…I just had my blue Viking Helmet on!”  I said to myself.  Some girls from the stage kept giggling about something.  Girls, I thought.  That’s what I had my red Viking Helmet for!  So I opened my wardrobe and put on my Red Viking Helmet.  The next day, after breakfast, which was my favorite part of the morning, I went to the stsge to see the Twelfth Fish.  The same exact group of girls sat in the same chairs at the stage, and so did I.  The play was finished, and I patted my Red Viking Helmet, which was NOW gone.  I felt a little frustrated, so I went back to the stage to find them.  I took a glance at the puffles who standed for those stage masks, who had something Blue and Red on their heads.  They never had anything on their heads!  I just had to get a closer look at the furry heads.  They were VIKING HELMETS!!!  And, was that a sttring of MY hair on one of them!  AAAARGH!  I think I knew just enough about the girls who followed me before.  I think that they were…were….GHOSTS!  I wanted to go home and sleep and never see those girls again, but NOT WITHOUT my Viking Helmets!  I found the girls trotting through the town, so I chatted with them and all, and they gave me my Viking Helmets back.  They gave me the ‘special emote’ and walked away.  I put them on, and never realized they weren’t my Viking Helmets.  I never found out because I never visited the stage again.     THE END!

Liked the story?  I knew you would!


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