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March 16, 2010


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Ok i stopped playing wiz101 and cp and moved on to my xbox360 :P. BTW on xbox live my gamertag is WackyFlip8. (try with or without space cuz i forget.) lol

Hello penguins!There i said hi. 🙂 Cya! say bye to one of those rare posts!


December 9, 2009

Hay Ya’ll Peeps!

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Hello… man, I wasnt playing for so long I forgot which mammals you were!

LOL! Hello Penguins!

Doing well? I am! Just got back from _________… so yeah. HEHE
Anyways, I just came to say hi and to um, say hi, and to um, say hi, and to um, say hi and ASK YOU THIS:

Which style should I greet you?

like HAY YA’LL PEEPS, WASUP GUYS, HELLO PENGUINS, and then you can think of your own. Comment and tell me!

Also, I would like to get the site’s hits back up! So PLEASE TRY to get me as much hits as I used to! (Like my old days, average 200-300.)

I would like that back, then I can arrange out some more posts (And just as usual, Club Penguin updates…) BUT,

ONLY If MY HITS GO BACK UP! Oh and I also wanted to tell you, I beat all storyline quests (Basically beat game) on Wizard101! 🙂


FrOm, the real…

Wacky Flip8! BYe!

September 26, 2009


Hello Penguins of all ages!

Guess WHAT?

I’m back for a post!  I’m bored right now, and one more thing: lucky people who saw me at the fall fair!  It was school, so at recess (It was inside today) and I couldn’t download Pirates of the Carribean or my NEW favorite game:

WIZARD101! (BeSt game EVA!)

Yeah, it’s true. I SAY EVERYONE WHO READS THIS TO PLZ JOIN WIZARD101! (please) And one more announcement:


I wish everyone luck on CP (Or Wizard101)  So, BYE NOW AND HAVE FUN!

~Wacky Flip8

P.S. My name on Wizard101 (If you try it) Tyler Moonsword! (add me) And, I will approve your comments once in a while. BYE

September 7, 2009

Please Read

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Hey guys… i’m noticing that you keep asking Wacky things, but i can’t answer them! Remember, authors can’t aprove comments. So “Ash”, if your reading this, i’m sorry but Wacky is not available right now. So stop asking him things that he can’t answer, and i can’t aprove comments, so any questions go to my blog: http://yaywiuwa.wordpress.com . Thank you,


August 18, 2009

Keep The Site Up!

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Hey guys! You may not all know me but, I’m Wiuwa (wii for short :D).Well, i’m wacky’s friend…and i’m an author in this succesfull blog! (even more succesfull then mine 😦 ) So I wanted to make sure this site was going, and wacky has not been posting… so as a good friend, I will try to keep this great site up, bcuz I noticed the hits are going down since wacky hasn’t posted. And I will help him and I will post here and on my blog and I will see comments (but I can’t aprove them, sorry!), and feel free to ask all the questions you like. I will answer all your worries about CP bcuz I have been around for quite a while… lol so keep visiting, bcuz when wacky comes back…we want him SURPRISED with his hits! So any questions you have comment them here or on my blog: http://yaywiuwa.wordpress.com/ . So if you want to know a little bit about me…i’m a girl, i love animals, i play CP, and i’m a nice person! Well, here is my penguins face:

Well, keep enjoying this blog, but please, i will give not information about the CPNA, bcuz i don’t have permisson to make you a spy or a soldier, since i’m not the leader, but i am in the army anyway. So please, visit more, visit all the sites on the blogroll, check out the pages and have fun!


July 12, 2009

Taking a Break…IDK

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Hello Penguins!

I am really not posting, am I?

I know I’m not.

I’m just enjoying life more.

I will post once in a while, but let me post when I want.

Cool? Ok.

July 8, 2009

Music Jam Party Sneak Peak!

Hello Penguins!

Yeah, sorry for not posting lately.

Anyways, here is the sneak peak for the muisic jam party starting July 17!


Hello Penguins!

It’s getting closer – the party so many of you have been looking forward to! Last year’s Music Jam was a really big success because of all the ways you got involved. There were band practices everywhere, and cool music performances all over the island.


This year’s Music Jam will go from July 17 – 26, and if you rock Club Penguin anything like you did last year, it’s going to be an even bigger and better party. There will be lots of stages (with different kinds of music for everyone), and just like last year, members will get a chance to purchase an All-Access Pass. We’ve heard rumors about some musical penguins making appearances – and about other surprises, too!


It’s the perfect time to start getting ready, so grab your guitars and some friends, and find a good spot to make some noise. Be sure to let us know how your band rehearsals are coming along!


Until then…Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team


Yep that’s about it. CYA!

July 3, 2009

Rest of Updates!

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Hello Penguins!

The rest of the updates are…

Well, click here to see the new newspaper!

Club Penguin is boring me though kinda…

I dont really like posting all updates, so

click here to visit Mimo777’s site and see the rest!

Off to pirates of the carribean online!

New Club Penguin Pin cheat!

Hello Penguins!

There’s a new pin in CP!

It’s the DoJo LaNtErN pin!

Here are the steps to get to it!

1. Open your map.

2. Go to the plaza.

3. Go underground in the opening sewer.

4. Get the dojo lantern pin.


P.s. July 17 is the Music Jam Party!

Also Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana day!

July 2, 2009

2 fer 1 Special Post!

Hello Penguins!

Another…2 fer 1 post!

Ok, so on Club Penguin, some new stuff is happening.


Pirates of the Carribean online!


Ok, now for the 1st part of the 2 fer 1 special.

Remember those sneak peaks of the spanish servers I gave you guys?

Club Penguin is now also in Spanish!

Enflish, French, Portugeus, and now Spanish! (Espanol)

And now for the second part!

Fire works for 4 of July (3 Days!) are at the iceberg and ice mountain…thing…ya!

That was is for this post! Bye Bye!

Wacky Flip8, Cya soon!

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