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August 2, 2010

New Pin

Hello Penguins!

The new pin (compass) came out July 30.

Here is an easy guide to get it.

1. Go to the Plaza.

2. Go to the underground sewer.

3. Walk across to the door.

4. Find the compass pin on a box.

Video Guide:

Thats all for this post.

-Wacky Flip8


August 1, 2010

I AM B-A-C-K!!!

Hello Penguins!

As most of you probably know, I quit CP and this blog for a REALLY long time.

I decided I missed CP and posting on this website.

So I am getting my membership back and then I will post everything that comes!

I will post the new agent and puffle jazz right 3…2…1…now.

If you noticed on CP, stamps have arrived! There are 107 in all. Look in your stamp book on your player card to see how to earn them!

On to puffles. While I was gone, I see that you can now (If a member) carry 16 puffles!

Herbert P. Bear destroyed the old HQ, and now there there is the epf HQ!

1. First go to ski village.

2. Then go in the phone shop.

3. Throw a snow ball at the target and take the test.

Your are now an EPF Agent!

You can do missions, play field ops, and all sorts of AWESOME stuffs!

That’s All!

June 13, 2009


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Hello Penguins!

Ya, something going on.

My pitures aren’t working and won’t load!

This will probably be going for 4 days. 

I’ll post the pictures as soon as it’s fixed.

Doesn’t mean I won’t post!  I might…I might NOT…

May 15, 2009

New May 2009 Furniture Cheats/Secrets!

Hello Uh…or specie is…Penguins!

The new furniture/Beter Igloo catalog was released!

Yes, I am having fun on my trip.

Anyways, here are the heatsc for the catalog:

1.  Go to the first page of the catalog. Click the Medieval Banner for the Knight Penguin Sculpture.


2. Go to the third page of the catalog.  Click the Poodle Plant for the Wheelbarrow.


3. Go to the fourth page of the catalog.  Click the plant on the right in the garden for the Picket Fence.


4. Go to the seventh page of the catalog.  Click the Electric Guitar Shadow Box (Red) for the Disco Ball.


Have fun on uh…Club Penguin!

May 10, 2009

Attention All Mothers!!

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Hello Penguins!

I just wanted to say…

Thank you,

All of our mothers

for giving us a great life

You have done well

and today is your break for a few

Now let me just say


I give FULL credit to images.google.com and blog1.ebates.com for the picture.

So, did you give your mom breakfast in bed?  Give her a day that she won’t forget?

Comment and tell me what you did for her!

~Wacky Flip8~

May 9, 2009

Freaky Glowing Cheat! (Scary!)

Helloo Penguinnnsss!

BOO!  I found a new cheat!


Anyways, the cheat is ooooOOO members OoooOO only!  😦

Here are the OooooooOOOOOo steps!

1. Buy the flashlight and ghost costume.

2. Wear them with NOTHING else on.

3. Now show off you moves!  Uh..I mean uh.. dance!


OoooooOOOOOOOOooooOOO Is Wacky Flip8 doing that?  WELL STOP UR MESSING MY POST UP!
Oh wait, that’s me….

You can see the light…and the sign of me haunting you…WITH ELMO MUAHAHA!  (JK)

May 8, 2009

New Stage Play – The Haunting of the Viking Opera!

Helloo Penguins!

THe new funky stage play has come out!

Here’s the catalog cheats and the play:

new stage3

Now, for the catalog cheats:

Turn to the secondde page of the catelog.

To get the red Viking Helmet:


Open close open close open close 4 times for the blue.

Then click Helga’s viking helmet while leaving the blue up to get the gold viking helmet.


April 24, 2009

Finally here! New Sled Toboggan and Dance Contest Music!

Hello Penguins!!

After nice patience,

the new sled toboggan is out!

Located at the ski hill on pole.



  • Toboggan – 300 coins

Aww, srry non membs.

There is also new Dance Contest music!

  • Patrick’s Jig
  • Go West
  • Let’s Bounce!

Also, the disc’s middle is now diff colors for all!


Also for members, srry.

~Wacky Flip8~

March 22, 2009

Stage Histry and April Party Update!

Hello Penguins!

Firstly, Screenhog posted some history on the Stage in CP!  Scroll down to see what it says!


Hi everyone! It’s Screenhog again, with a little bit of Club Penguin history.

The Penguin Play Awards are almost here, and excitement is in the air! All eyes will be focused on the Stage, where the Awards will be presented. In fact, it’s almost hard to remember a time when there wasn’t a Stage in Club Penguin at all.

The Stage came to Club Penguin in November of 2007. Before that, the area between the Pizza Shop and the Pet Shop looked like this:


It was a pretty empty area. Sometimes, penguins would sit around the tables and hang out with friends, and sometimes we’d decorate it for parties, but we’d always wanted to put a building there. What should it be? Should we put another shop there? Should we build a bowling alley? Should we have hundreds of penguins with jetpacks lift the Dojo from the top of its mountain and drop it there?

Then, we noticed how there were a lot of penguins that were pretending to do all sorts of things on Club Penguin that we didn’t have yet… going to school, being superheroes, even going into space! What if we built a place that would change every month so that penguins could do all of those things? And that’s why the stage was built.

As a bonus, building a very artistic stage made a very artistic puffle come out of hiding for the first time. I’m sure you know which one I mean:


Hope you liked learning about this piece of Club Penguin history. Enjoy the Awards tomorrow!

-Club Penguin Team

That’s pretty cool here!  And now, Billybob posted down a sneek peak at the April Party!  Here’s what he said:
Hello Penguins!

Talk about an island packed with excitement! Not only are the Penguin Play Awards in full swing, but you might want to waddle around to check out the incredible art that penguins submitted and that snow artists have made into sculptures.

Even with all that’s happening, I still wanted to give you a sneak peek of more fun that’s coming to Club Penguin on April 1! Here’s a first look at a very silly party that’s coming up:

aprilfools[1].jpgAs always, let us know what you think.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

I’m guessing it’s the April Fools Day Party like last year!  Last year it was the Propeller Cap and the Jester Hat.  I think that this year’s will be like a Green Propeller hat!  I also want them to make Test Servers so we could turn into puffles lol!  All for now!  Bye!

March 21, 2009

Aunt Arctic, Gary, Penguin Band, and DJ Candace Tracker


So, my Rockhopper tracker hasn’t been going well lately…

So, I bring you the most ultimate trackers of all time!

Only members can do this though.  Scroll dwn for trackers!

The most newest to the meeting section, plz welcome Aunt Arctic!

Now here’s the tracker for all for of them:

Aunt Arctic: Just Left Alpine Stage!!!  TRACKING NOW!!!

Penguin Band:  Tracking Now!

Cadence: Tracking Now!

Gary: Tracking Now!

You can also help by commenting when you see them!

Staff online: No 😦 (In That Case, Click Here For Mim o’s Comment Tracker!)

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