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January 17, 2009

New Better Igloos Catalog Cheats


Superhero Banner:



Welcome Mat:



Too bad there’s only 2 cheats in the catalog.  : (  Waddle on!

-Wacky Flip8

🙄  😆


January 9, 2009

New Stage Play!

Hey everyone the new stage Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl vs. Squidzoid is once again out!  Here is the pic but instead of the giant turtle being one of the enemies the Team changed it to a giant robot!  : D Here is the pic:



There are no cheats in the catalog but with a membership, you can buy the items in the catalog.  (Non-members can only buy the backround)

Here are the prices of the clothes in it.


Camera – 300

Squidzoid costume – 600

Blue superhero mask – 100  Blue cape – 500  Shadow guy costume – 550

Pink superhero mask – 100 Pink cape – 500  Gamma Gal costume – 550

Director’s Hat – 250  (Of couse lol)

Cityscape Backround – 60


And plus – if you wave with the costumes, you will do a special dance!


January 8, 2009

Screenhog Blogs some Secrets!

Screenhog told us some secrets in Club Penguin from a Blog!
Here’s what he said:

Hi everyone! Screenhog here.
We like to hide little hidden references in Club Penguin all the time. Sometimes they are really obvious, like those two puffles at the top of the stage that are like those famous actors masks.


But sometimes, there are hidden things. If your a ninja, you’ve been able to see this lantern in the catalog:


The price of the lantern is 575. Do any of you know about the Japanese poems called haiku? The Sensei almost always speaks in haikus. The rule with a haiku is that it’s a three-line poem; the first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables, and the third line has five syllables. In other words: 5-7-5.
Isn’t that cool? Or do we just have too much time on our hands sometimes?

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

January 7, 2009

Club Penguin Orange Puffle (Credit to Chrisdog93)

Hey everyone here is a video edit of the club penguin Orange puffle! I give credit to Chrisdog93 part of  http://clubpenguincp.com/

Club Penguin might release it soon!

New penguin Plush toys

I can’t belive I never posted this but here are the new penguin plush toys!






There is more I just posted some : D

January 6, 2009

Sneak Peek – Member Event Spoiler alert!

Billybob blogged the new member party coming up!
Here’s what he said:

Sneak Peek – Member Event!
Hello Penguins!

Many of you have been asking about a member party and wondering when there would be another one–it’s definitely been a while since the last one.

Well, we’ve been working on exactly that! The next member party will happen in the middle of January, from the 15-18th. But it’s more than just a party–wait till you see what else the team has planned! I’ll have more details next week, and I don’t want to say too much – but I can tell you that some of the items in the new Penguin Style catalog will come in very handy.

I managed to get a sneak peek from the team to show you. See if you can guess what the event might be about…


Let us know what you think!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

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