CP Cheats

September 20, 2010

New Domain!

Hello Penguins!
Look, I am really sorry for not posting in 2 whole months. lol
In case you didn’t notice, look up /\ at the address bar.
It says http://cpclubpenguinhome.com/ now, I just had it changed.
You can still search cpcheatshome.wordpress.com, but it will pop up as cpclubpenguinhome.com.
Just a notice post. Bye!
-Wacky Flip8


May 28, 2009

Card-Jitsu Cards Icon/Progress chart what’s the word…Released!

Hello Penguins!

Today, uhh…what should I call it…

The card icon at the dojo is released!

It comes with a progress sentance and a picture of cards

that shows how many cards u have that u bought from stores!



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