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August 1, 2010

Orange Puffle

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Hello penguins!
In all the commotion of the last post, I forgot to post one important thing: The ORANGE Puffle!
In case any of you didn’t know, there is now an orange puffle. In the adoption book he looks a little crazy, but when you purchase him, he looks like all the others but a little bigger. He doesn’t look crazy at your igloo, only his puffle card does. There is new houses and furniture for it. Play with him to see what he does! Remember to feed him or he will dun away!


I AM B-A-C-K!!!

Hello Penguins!

As most of you probably know, I quit CP and this blog for a REALLY long time.

I decided I missed CP and posting on this website.

So I am getting my membership back and then I will post everything that comes!

I will post the new agent and puffle jazz right 3…2…1…now.

If you noticed on CP, stamps have arrived! There are 107 in all. Look in your stamp book on your player card to see how to earn them!

On to puffles. While I was gone, I see that you can now (If a member) carry 16 puffles!

Herbert P. Bear destroyed the old HQ, and now there there is the epf HQ!

1. First go to ski village.

2. Then go in the phone shop.

3. Throw a snow ball at the target and take the test.

Your are now an EPF Agent!

You can do missions, play field ops, and all sorts of AWESOME stuffs!

That’s All!

February 6, 2009

New Penguin Style

Hey guys the new penguin style catalog is out!!  Here are the secrets:

Click the L in CLEARANCE to find the red hoodie!



Click the A in CLEAR”A”NCE to find the pom pom toque!



Click on the S in T-SHIRTS to find the spikester!




Click the middle of the spotlight to find the Fruit headdress!


Click the penguin’s beak to find the Russian Hat!


 Click the E in PENGUINS AT WORK to find the spikette!



 Click on the pot to find the red Viking Helmet! (Hint: Open and close it four times to discover the blue Viking Helmet!)




Click the biggest snowman’s nose/carrot to find the Yellow Scarf!



Plus there are some new and some old backrounds!



The new penguins at work job is the puffle feeder!


If you dance with it with no other clothes on, you will pour puffle food into a bowl!



Comment and tell me what you think!

~Wacky Flip8~

January 12, 2009

Member event Spoiler alert!

Hey penguins Billybob gave us a update on the member event!

Here’s what he said:



Hello Penguins!
Wow – There’s been a lot of buzz about the member event that starts on Thursday! We’re glad you’re excited about it! Dancing is such a fun part of Club Penguin already, and we wanted to use this party to take it a few steps further! 


Get ready to break down some super cool moves because there’s going to be a lot of music and tons of room to dance–you can even get together with your friends and compete in the new Dance Contest Game! There are some cool things planned at the Night Club for the party, including three floors to explore and a chance to meet DJ Cadence! Check out this image–it’s just a bit of what you can expect on Thursday when the party starts.


Remember, the party starts on Thursday, Jan. 15 and goes until Sunday, Jan. 18!

We’re so excited to hear what you think!

By Billybob on January 12 2009 01:19

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

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