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June 23, 2009

New Sneak Peaks (2 fer 1!)

Hello…Every person in the world!

If that will happen…

Well, this is a new post called…DOUBLE TROUBLE!

That means there will be 2 things in 1 post!

Here is the 1st sneak peak about a new room, the new stage play, and the

MUSIC JAM PAR-TAY sneak peak!

You may get to meet the Penguin Band, Aunt Arctic…maybe even THE SENSEI!

THe new play might be Ruby and the Ruby, the new room has the sneak peak at the Dojo/Map!


Oh and since last year’s music jam party (That’s when I joined CP!) started in July, that might be when it’s released!


Hello Penguins!

 There’s always a lot going on in Club Penguin, and it’s hard to believe that we’re already into the third week of 101 Days of Fun!! During the next few months there’s so much happening! I don’t want to give everything away, of course, but there are some things that are too exciting for you to miss. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the things to come:














The team’s been working hard to get a ton of stuff ready to make the next few months really special:

Parties – I can’t give them all away… but did someone say “MASSIVE music festival”?
Costumes & items at the Stage! (Ruby’s coming back!)
New clothing, wigs, and furniture!
Game upgrades – Members will see (and hear) some cool changes to DJ3K and more!
New Rooms – There’s going to be some construction – renovations AND new places!
Special Appearances – I can’t say too much, but some of our favorite penguins will be visiting… And there might be a chance to hang out with a wise Card-Jitsu master…


Let us know what you’d like to see happen over the next few months in Club Penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!


-Club Penguin Team


And now for the DOUBLY TROUBLE part!

Let’s go check out the new member’s (Ugh…) DJ3K music update!

Oh and members again…can buy cool new tracks from a catalog!


Hello Penguins!

Stay tuned this week for some music updates!  On friday you’ll find some new music in your igloo, and that’s not all.  Also coming on Friday is a DJ3K update in the Night Club.  Members will be able to purchase exclusive tracks from a special catalog – and thrm take them right into the game!

new DJ3K tracks






There’s been some talk of yellow puffles being quite enthusiastic about the update to the DJ3K game… We’ll have to see what that’s all about on Friday.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


I love new music tracks!

And new catalogs…as long as it has to do with one word: MUSIC!

I wish that the non-members can buy them too…  😦


April 28, 2009

An Update For Rockhopper In Disney World!


The CP Team gave us an update

on Rockhopper and where to meet him

in Disney World!

Here’s a peak:

Hello Penguins!

So many of you told us you’re excited about the news that Rockhopper will be visiting Walt Disney World in Florida! Our favorite pirate penguin will be there from April 30 – May 13th.

There are lots of us who won’t be able to go, and I don’t know about you, but I’d love to hear what it’s like to meet him. So we have a request for those of you who can go to Florida during that time to meet Rockhopper: It would be really cool if you could write about it and let us know – and we’ll share some of your experiences on the blog.

For those of you who can go, get out your pirate maps and make an “X”: Hollywood Studios is the location for Captain Rockhopper’s whereabouts while he’s in Walt Disney World in Florida.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

I can’t go.  😦

Be sure to try and meet him IF your going!


Ok, bye bye!

~Wacky Flip8~

March 22, 2009

Stage Histry and April Party Update!

Hello Penguins!

Firstly, Screenhog posted some history on the Stage in CP!  Scroll down to see what it says!


Hi everyone! It’s Screenhog again, with a little bit of Club Penguin history.

The Penguin Play Awards are almost here, and excitement is in the air! All eyes will be focused on the Stage, where the Awards will be presented. In fact, it’s almost hard to remember a time when there wasn’t a Stage in Club Penguin at all.

The Stage came to Club Penguin in November of 2007. Before that, the area between the Pizza Shop and the Pet Shop looked like this:


It was a pretty empty area. Sometimes, penguins would sit around the tables and hang out with friends, and sometimes we’d decorate it for parties, but we’d always wanted to put a building there. What should it be? Should we put another shop there? Should we build a bowling alley? Should we have hundreds of penguins with jetpacks lift the Dojo from the top of its mountain and drop it there?

Then, we noticed how there were a lot of penguins that were pretending to do all sorts of things on Club Penguin that we didn’t have yet… going to school, being superheroes, even going into space! What if we built a place that would change every month so that penguins could do all of those things? And that’s why the stage was built.

As a bonus, building a very artistic stage made a very artistic puffle come out of hiding for the first time. I’m sure you know which one I mean:


Hope you liked learning about this piece of Club Penguin history. Enjoy the Awards tomorrow!

-Club Penguin Team

That’s pretty cool here!  And now, Billybob posted down a sneek peak at the April Party!  Here’s what he said:
Hello Penguins!

Talk about an island packed with excitement! Not only are the Penguin Play Awards in full swing, but you might want to waddle around to check out the incredible art that penguins submitted and that snow artists have made into sculptures.

Even with all that’s happening, I still wanted to give you a sneak peek of more fun that’s coming to Club Penguin on April 1! Here’s a first look at a very silly party that’s coming up:

aprilfools[1].jpgAs always, let us know what you think.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

I’m guessing it’s the April Fools Day Party like last year!  Last year it was the Propeller Cap and the Jester Hat.  I think that this year’s will be like a Green Propeller hat!  I also want them to make Test Servers so we could turn into puffles lol!  All for now!  Bye!

March 14, 2009

Penguin Play Awards Updates

Hey!  The Red Team VS. Blue Team stopped and the Penguin Play Awards are under construction!


Inside is the Big Box with the Giant gold penguin in it!


Check back later for updates on the upcoming member party!

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