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September 20, 2010

New Domain!

Hello Penguins!
Look, I am really sorry for not posting in 2 whole months. lol
In case you didn’t notice, look up /\ at the address bar.
It says http://cpclubpenguinhome.com/ now, I just had it changed.
You can still search cpcheatshome.wordpress.com, but it will pop up as cpclubpenguinhome.com.
Just a notice post. Bye!
-Wacky Flip8


August 2, 2010

New Pin

Hello Penguins!

The new pin (compass) came out July 30.

Here is an easy guide to get it.

1. Go to the Plaza.

2. Go to the underground sewer.

3. Walk across to the door.

4. Find the compass pin on a box.

Video Guide:

Thats all for this post.

-Wacky Flip8

August 1, 2010

Orange Puffle

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Hello penguins!
In all the commotion of the last post, I forgot to post one important thing: The ORANGE Puffle!
In case any of you didn’t know, there is now an orange puffle. In the adoption book he looks a little crazy, but when you purchase him, he looks like all the others but a little bigger. He doesn’t look crazy at your igloo, only his puffle card does. There is new houses and furniture for it. Play with him to see what he does! Remember to feed him or he will dun away!

I AM B-A-C-K!!!

Hello Penguins!

As most of you probably know, I quit CP and this blog for a REALLY long time.

I decided I missed CP and posting on this website.

So I am getting my membership back and then I will post everything that comes!

I will post the new agent and puffle jazz right 3…2…1…now.

If you noticed on CP, stamps have arrived! There are 107 in all. Look in your stamp book on your player card to see how to earn them!

On to puffles. While I was gone, I see that you can now (If a member) carry 16 puffles!

Herbert P. Bear destroyed the old HQ, and now there there is the epf HQ!

1. First go to ski village.

2. Then go in the phone shop.

3. Throw a snow ball at the target and take the test.

Your are now an EPF Agent!

You can do missions, play field ops, and all sorts of AWESOME stuffs!

That’s All!

September 26, 2009


Hello Penguins of all ages!

Guess WHAT?

I’m back for a post!  I’m bored right now, and one more thing: lucky people who saw me at the fall fair!  It was school, so at recess (It was inside today) and I couldn’t download Pirates of the Carribean or my NEW favorite game:

WIZARD101! (BeSt game EVA!)

Yeah, it’s true. I SAY EVERYONE WHO READS THIS TO PLZ JOIN WIZARD101! (please) And one more announcement:


I wish everyone luck on CP (Or Wizard101)  So, BYE NOW AND HAVE FUN!

~Wacky Flip8

P.S. My name on Wizard101 (If you try it) Tyler Moonsword! (add me) And, I will approve your comments once in a while. BYE

May 25, 2009

Uhh…Spoiler…Sneak…Sports…Peak…Alert!!…Catalog…:. UNSCRAMBLE IT!

Penguins Hello!

post unscramble You to need this saying! see what I’m

figure Can you out? it

here’s post Anyways, the spoiler: for catalog sports


Hello Penguins!

If you’re looking for some new sporty gear, on Friday you’ll find a brand new Snow and Sports Catalog at the Sport Shop. I hear that there will be a good mix of things for all kinds of awesome island adventures!!


We hope you’re having fun with Captain Rockhopper and his green thumb (and the green Migrator)! Let us know if you’re lucky enough to meet him – he’s got a new background to give away!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

At that least was translated!  (the Switch least that and around)
Ok, now I translate regularly.  I know, it was random to scramble the post.
Comment and tell me what YOU think I said in the post!  If so, win uhh…your name featured on the site!
Did you see MIMO’S picture for the spoiler!  Uhh,
I know that Carl did it!  That weird little Gerbil/Hamster/Alien OH WHATEVER HE IS!
The point is, hes been a weird hamster lately.  He ruined the pic for Mimo’s spoiler!
He firstly turned is upside-down, and he put the eyes closer than tyhe real post!
think! and Comment tell what you

April 11, 2009

Party Tester?!?!

Umm…hi pengs,

I was hanging out at the Dock in the server Frozen in CP (Still am, so plz come and crowd!) and something weird happened…

I saw this guy named Party Tester!

He was really for real, his iggy was on the map for a couple seconds.

I tried to go there, it kept loading and loading. 

Everyone else’s igloo worked just fine.

I managed to get a picture of him:



He didn’t respond to my friend request. 😦

Whoa, he seems to not have been around that long!

Mabye HE was the one to release the april fools party early this year…

Have you seen him before?

Comment and tell me how weird this is!

~Wacky Flip8~

P.S. My igloo is decorated and I’m wearing my wackiest outfit for my 15,000_hits_party!

April 6, 2009

Off For a Trip

Hello Penguins!

Tomorrow, on Monday (Spring Break) I’m going on a trip!

While I post this, it is 5:30 I believe, so comment before tomorrow or wait until saturday to be approved!

I won’t be posting for a few days unless we bring the Laptop with us, but I can’t post pictures with it.

I will post pictures by editing a post if I make one (Newspaper, Pin) on Saturday.

I will see you soon!  I will ma

March 13, 2009

Happy77 Interviews


Happy77 interviewed an artist!  Scroll down to see it!


Greetings Penguins!


There’s tons of excited chatter about the Snow Sculpture Submissions and lots of you are sending in amazing art! With all the buzz, I thought you might want the inside scoop from the talented pair of snow sculpture artists.


What do you look for in all the submissions you get? A great submission is fun, imaginative and makes us smile! But there are so many talented and creative artists playing Club Penguin that they’re all making us smile! 

Tell us about making sculptures from a drawing. Is it very difficult? The artist who drew it did the difficult stuff. We get to do the fun part. First we transfer the original drawing onto our computer and create a black and white version so that it kinda looks like a coloring book picture. Then we take it and make it look like it’s made of ice.

If you added flavored syrup to the snow sculptures, would it make them into beautiful, yummy snow cones? Indeed it would! However, you might unintentionally upset the poor artist whose masterpiece would be inside of your belly… 🙂


In other news: Don’t forget to get all green tomorrow for the start of the St. Patty’s Day Party! We’re really excited. We hope you are, too!


Until then… Waddle on!


-Club Penguin Team



March 8, 2009

5,000 Hits Party Review

Hey!  My 5,000 hits party just ended! We had a great time!  First, we went to the Dock and partied a little.

Here are our contestants in sled racing:


123 Sammy and Lightblue289 weren’t there for the party…only me and Wiuwa were racing.  Thers got lost…idk.  We found one though! Wiuwa won the race!


The ppl who came to the party in that pic are: Wiuwa, me (Wacky Flip8) and Bo Bin.

We challenged eachother in a game of dance contest!


Good job Bo Bin for winning! 

Special thanks to:


Bo Bin

Wacky Flip8 (Me)

Girls Rock88

for coming!  Next party at 15,000 hits! (Or 25 subscribers)

That’s all for now!  Bye!

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