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March 15, 2009


As you all know, my hits are bumping down. So I need your help to hit them back up!  That would make me as happy as a carrot sitting in a tub of ranch!  So, here’s how to do these: (Do it and win prizes!)

1. Adversize my blog on any site you find.

2. Make posts and pages with a link to my website.

3. Tell your friends, pets, family, homeless hobos, users online, food, anything!

4. Use anything you find such as programs and stuff and get me hits up!

Do those things and if I get more than 900 hits one day I will give a special prize to all of the helping penguin hands!

Thx to you all!

All Reguards, ~Wacky Flip8~


March 5, 2009

CPHQ Rockhopper Tracker (Updates While I’M offline)

Hey!  I GOT a tracker, a Rockhopper Tracker, that works just as good as mine except when I’M offline, it will update for me when the others arewonline tracking.  So, here it is, oh and, refreshing by clicking HERE.ClubPenguinHQ.com Rockhopper Tracker

March 4, 2009

New 100% Accurate Rockhopper Tracker

Hey guys I made a Rockhopper Tracker that works 100% so here are some tips on finding him:

1. Rockhopper is a pirate penguinwho talks pirate.

2. He wears a black beard, a pirate hat, and the color red.

3. If a usually quiet server is crowded, try it.  Chances are he’s there.

4. Full rooms are a hint if he’s in there.

Now here’s my Tracker:



Status: Online

Server: Tracking…

Place: Tracking…

Tracking Right Now?: No

Refresh by clicking HERE.

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