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February 22, 2009

Lux1200’s Party + Famous Penguins Came

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Hey guys I just got back from Lux1200’s annavarsary party and alot of famous penguins came!  Only Xlr8 64 added me though and Yoda Ads and Lux1200 logged off   just came back on! before I could add them.  😦  But I still had fun!  *** The Party is still going.  Check http://clubpenguincheatcp.com/ to see where we are.***

1) I met Lux1200 at the party!


Lux1200 at http://clubpenguincheatcp.com/

2)  I met Yoda Ads!


Yoda Ads at http://clubpenguincheatsonline.com/

I also mrt Xlr8 64 who added me to his buddy list!


Xlr8 64 an author at http://yorap8.wordpress.com/

I also met a Beta Penguin there named Greenday!


He doesn’t have a site but he’s still awesome!

Those are all the famous penguins I met!  They were all very nice!  Cya!


January 31, 2009

Bug on Club Penguin non-member player cards

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Ok guys there’s a bug on cp cuz for members it has the member badge on but for non-members there’s nothing!





Weird, huh?  Hope cp will fix it!


Cya!  -Wacky Flip8

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