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March 31, 2009

April Fool’s Day Party SWFS


Last night, while we were sleeping, some penguins were still awake and saw the April Fool’s Day Party Early!

That means Club Penguin released it a couple hours or so!

So, the people who saw it found the SWF Rooms!

Have fun before they are gone!  Try out the effects!

Hurry because tomorrow everyone will start crowding the place!

I’m still a little sad because that blue propeller cap was and old item.  😦


April Fools Day Party Sneak Peak 2

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Hello everyone!

The CP Team posted another update on the April Fools Day Party!  Scroll down for cheats!

Hello Penguins!

It’s April Fool’s Day on Wednesday, and you know what that means… Anything is possible while we celebrate silliness during this wacky party in Club Penguin! We hope to see you being silly and waddling around with your friends in search of special boxes! There are a lot of surprises for everyone, and some special things for members – we can’t wait to hear what you think. 


In Other News: There’s a new Penguin Style catalog out this Friday, so start saving your coins to get this season’s designs! If you like gardening gear, you might want to check it out.

Until then…Waddle on! 

-Club Penguin Team

Whoa.  Two days away until fun fun fun!  Hopefully there’s a free item for Non-Members!

March 30, 2009

New Color Book Page

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A new coloring page has came out!

Click the image below to see it.


Printable Coloring Pages
I don’t have a printer, I admit it lol.  Bye!!!!!

New Book Codes

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Hey guys!  Check out the unlock book section! 


In my opinion, I like the way it looks.  I am looking foward to buy these!

March 29, 2009

DS Game and Trading Cards Update

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The CP Team updated for us on some stuff!
Scroll down to see it!

Hello Penguins!

The team’s really excited to let you know that there will be a new set of Puffle Trading Cards coming sometime in April!! Just like the last set, you’ll be able to play at home with your friends, and you’ll also be able to enter unique codes in Club Penguin to build up your Card-Jitsu™ deck online!


The team always loves to hear your feedback about the Club Penguin toys. We’re busy working on ideas for new trading cards – and we really want to hear your ideas!! What kinds of things would you like to see?

In Other News: You’ve been asking, so we wanted to give you some great news about the Club Penguin DS Game which is now available (in English) in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland! It’ll be available in several places including Top Toys and Elgiganten. We’re still working on getting it into Australia, and we’ll let you know when we have more details.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Cool! Good thing April is close!

Game Upgrades Catchin’ Waves Cheat

First off, I got an AIM account yesterday! (I won’t tell u who I am)
And second, I was searching for the Silver Surfboard in the Catchin’ Waves catalog, cuz I’m like, “Whoa, there has to be one here!” *Laughs.* So here’s the cheat I found:

March 27, 2009

New Chat Bubble Font

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Today, as CP promised, a new font for our chat bubbles are released!

They both appear when your typing in the Chat Bar, and when you say it.

I kinda like it…do you?


Game Catalog Upgrades

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As all of you know, if you read my posts, today the upgraded game catalogs come out!

They’re all around games and in a game room a catalog will be in the bottom or next ot a game.


Be sure to look around other games!

Sports Catalog 2 Cheats

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There’s only 2 cheats in the catalog again.  Anyways, here they are!:



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