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August 18, 2009

Keep The Site Up!

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Hey guys! You may not all know me but, I’m Wiuwa (wii for short :D).Well, i’m wacky’s friend…and i’m an author in this succesfull blog! (even more succesfull then mine 😦 ) So I wanted to make sure this site was going, and wacky has not been posting… so as a good friend, I will try to keep this great site up, bcuz I noticed the hits are going down since wacky hasn’t posted. And I will help him and I will post here and on my blog and I will see comments (but I can’t aprove them, sorry!), and feel free to ask all the questions you like. I will answer all your worries about CP bcuz I have been around for quite a while… lol so keep visiting, bcuz when wacky comes back…we want him SURPRISED with his hits! So any questions you have comment them here or on my blog: http://yaywiuwa.wordpress.com/ . So if you want to know a little bit about me…i’m a girl, i love animals, i play CP, and i’m a nice person! Well, here is my penguins face:

Well, keep enjoying this blog, but please, i will give not information about the CPNA, bcuz i don’t have permisson to make you a spy or a soldier, since i’m not the leader, but i am in the army anyway. So please, visit more, visit all the sites on the blogroll, check out the pages and have fun!



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