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May 30, 2009

Ninjas Army Allies Update

Hello Penguins!

If ur a member on my army, Club Penguin Ninjas, CONGRATS!!!
We just made an allie!

It is ICP and it’s leader is the awesome…Naurtoj11!


May 27, 2009

I was wrong…and Strangely…I made a friend!

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Hello Penguins!

Strange things happening lately…

First, my best friend and I got 49 ppl to think we’re weird at lunch today!

Second, click here to see the REAL point of this post.

Yes, I am sorry, and he forgives me.  I want him to comment on this post and answer this:

Can we be allies with ur army, ICP?

Also, he is now my friend!  Never expected that.  It seems that bad things make good things (SOMETIMES!)

May 22, 2009


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Helo Penguins!

This post is serious right now…

Our army, Club Penguin Ninjas (or CPNA)..

Our army was betrayed (I think?)

Ok, this is the story…

Naurtoj11 went to my Club Penguin Ninjas army page.  He commented and asked to join…and a few months later, he commented for the 3rd time, telling us:  Have fun!  I’m ACP and I have war teams1…and he started advertizing the ACP site, making the page LOOOOOOONG.  And then he went off making an army called ICP without us knowing!!  Do you think he BETRAYED us???

Comment and tell ME what you think…

oh and PLZ do join the CPNA army (page on sidebar!)

January 3, 2009

CP Ninjas

Hey ppl its me Wacky Flip8 telling you a new army my friend, Jbagamester, and I made called the Cp Ninjas! Every day, (Or at least some days) You will go on Blizzard and go to to Ninja Hideout. Plz join! We fight against the Cp Nachos!! : D

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