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Here is a mission guide I put together for all you fans!

Mission 1: The Mystery Unfolds

1. Press the Blue Puffle and recieve the piece.

2. Talk to the Pengun behind the counter.

3. Select ‘Could you take a look at this postcard the puffle gave me?’

4. Give it to the penguin by getting it from your inventory.

5. Talk to the penguin outside counting coins next to the Gift Shop.

6. Walk to the snow forts.

7. Get the next piece of paper from the snowman. (A.K.A. Dot. (D))

8. Talk to the penguin who lost it’s hat.

9. Press the Puffle and press the hat in the Clock Tower.

10. Give it back to the penguin.

11. Recieve your Gift.

12. Give him the second piece of the riddle.

13. Go to the Plaza.

14. Get the next piece out of the mailbox.

15. Go to the Dock and press the preservers next to the boat.

16. Get the card and put the pieces together.

17. Go to the Lighthouse.

18. Press the closest barrel.

19. Talk to Dot.

20. Recieve your map.  The Mission is now over.

Mission 2 Cheats – Left to your own Devices

1. Talk to Dot, he will give you the puffle pin.

2. While holding the puffle pin, click on the wall with eight boards.

3. You will be taken to a screen. Take the pin and spin so that it fits the puffle in the bottom right.

4. Now you will be in a new room. Watch and talk to the director.

5. Talk to the penguin with the red puffle. You have to work with Blast, the red puffle.

6. Click on the other box and touch Blast and aim at the box.

7. After you break the box talk to PH. A puffle whistle will be given to you.

8. Go to the Ski Village. Then, talk to Dot.

9. Go into the Sports Shop. Talk to Dot again there.

10. Click on the First Curtain. It will take you to the HQ.

11. Go over to dot and talk to her.

12. Click on the closet. It asks for a code. Enter the code: 3000

13. Click on it and Dot will talk to you. After the director comes out, pick up the two blue things. Put the 2 pieces together to make a spy gadget.

14. Go to the left. You will see a box. Have Blast break it open.

15. Take the telescope and put it in your inventory. Drag it to your Spy Gadget, to unlock a new feature.

16. Move over to the screen.Click your spy gadget. Select the symbol next to the HQ. Drag it over to the screen. A code will be on top with a notepad on bottom.

17. The code says: Red Blue Blue Red Red Blue.

18. Exit the window. Open the box. Enter the code above. Now you can get a satellite dish.

19. Place your satellite dish on your spy gadget. Open up your spy gadget. Click on the phone, and talk to Dot.

20. Close the phone and talk to the director. The mission is completed.

Mission 3 Cheats – Rookie on the Rocks

1. Talk to Dot.

2. Go to the Ski Lodge.

3. Talk to the sick penguin.

4. Go to the Pizza Parlor. Go to the back of it.

5. Pickup the soup under the middle table.

6. Go to the Ski Lodge.

7. Give the soup to the sick penguin. Talk to him and get the red snowboard.

8. Open your inventory. Open the red suitcase. Put on the snowboard.

9. Go to the Ski hill. Talk to the penguin with the Blue Snowboard.

10. Challenge him to a snowboard competition. Get 4000 points to win.

11. Win and receive a trophy.

12. Go to the Ski Lodge. Give the trophy to the sick penguin.

13. Go back to Ski Hill and snowboard again.

14. Follow the footprints to Rookie’s campsite.

15. Call the blue puffle named Bouncer and aim at the campfire. Put out the fire. Track the foot prints to the river.

16. Talk to Rookie. Go to your spy gadget and call Dot. She will send someone rescue Rookie and you.

17. Click the Glasses and the EPF Badge. Now you are officially an EPF agent and have beaten the 3rd mission.

Mission 4 Cheats – Looking for Clues

1. Talk to the director. Take the file from the table.

2. Grab the file from your inventory. Show it to Dot and penguin with the jetpack.

3. Go to the Sports Shop.

4. Give the file to the clerk. He will give you a pair of Gary’s glasses.

5. Go to the Eye Scan 3000 at the HQ. Put on the glasses and take the eye scan.

6. Go in the gadget room and check the table with the clock and the boom box.

7. Click on the open drawer. Get the Mechno Duster for your Spy Gadget.

8. Go to the Ski Hill.

9. Use the Mechano-Duster on the pile of snow. Rub the snow until you get a bent key.

10. Go to the Sports Shop.

11. Talk to Dot.

12. Use the key to open the door. You have now finished mission 4.

Mission 5 Cheats – All’s Weld that Ends Weld

1. Talk to PH.

2. Go to the Town.

3. Talk to Aunt Arctic there. She will give you a “Your a terrific friend” card.

4. Go into the Coffee Shop.

5. Use the Mechano-Duster to clean the coffee beans up. You are given a pen.

6. Combine the pen and the card. Give it to the Coffee Shop worker.

7. Go back to the town. Have Aunt Arctic sign it.

8. Go to the Snow Forts.

9. Give the card to both penguins there.

10. Head to the puffle training room.

11. Give the card to Flare and have him light up.

12. Click on Flare and then point at the key on the anvil. Flare will weld the two together. Take the key.

13. Go to the Sports Shop.

14. Put the key in Gary’s door. Go up to his room.

15. Go over to the globe. Use the decoder on the blueprints. It will say, “Super power flashlight.”

16. Go over to the orange couch. Grab the map.

17. Go to the table and click on the paper.  Others will now know where you are going.

18. Click on the door and leave. Mission 5 is now over.

Mission 6 Cheats – Do it Yourself Carting

1. Talk to the penguin in the Mine Shack.

2. Click on the tub of water near the opening.

3. Go into the door on the side of the Mine Shack.

4. Click on the wheels near the door, which are on the spool of yarn, and on the ground near the lantern.

5. Take the wheels outside. Put them into the bucket. Use Flare to weld them to the bucket.

6. Put the Cart in your inventory. Go down to the mine.

7. Put the cart on the track.

8. Surf on the mine tracks. When done, go to the upside cart. Talk to it.

9. Pick up the 3 yellow balloons and the rope.

10. Tie the rope to the cart. Have Blast knock the boulder off the ledge.

11. Blow up the balloons individually and attach them to the cart.

12. After all the balloons are attached, the mine cart will lift up.  Then, talk to him.

13. Pick up the flashlight and attach it to your Spy Gadget.

14. Go to your spy gadget. Click the light bulb and point it at the dark tunnel. Search in the tunnel for Gary.

15. Use Blast to break the boards. You will be teleported to the HQ. The mission will be over.

Mission 7 Cheats – Double Trouble

1. Talk with PH, the penguin sleeping in the bubble.

2. Go to the bamboo patch.

3. Click the lower part of the patch, and pop him out of the bubble.

4. Go to the Ice Rink.

5. Talk to the penguin with the foam finger. You have to score a goal on the goalie.

6. Take Bouncer and throw 3 snowballs at the goalie. The 3rd one will score.

7. Talk to PH on the phone and go to the puffle training room with Loop.

8. Train Loop to aim at the jet pack.

9. Go find the purple puffle named Pop. Find him at the Night Club, but you will need fancy clothes to get in.

10. Go to the stage. Talk to the stage manager and construction worker.

11. Use Loop to stop the drill.

12. The manager will thank you. You have a choice between a fancy suit or a fancy dress. Pick one and wear it.

13. Go to the Night Club.

14. Play the Dance off and win to get Pop.

15. After the shake, go to the boiler room. The boiler is missing.

16. Use Pop help lift the cabinet up by touching Pop.

17. Pick up the can of oil and go to the mine.

18. Talk to Dot and you will be teleported to the HQ. The mission is now complete.

Mission 8 Cheats – Flying High Pitched

1. Talk to the penguin with the jetpack.

2. Grab the Jetpack near the launch ramp.

3. Play Jetpack Adventure.

4. You will end up on the tallest mountain. Now, complete your puffle training.

5. Talk with PH. Train with Flit by getting all 3 gold rings. Do this by clicking on Flit and then the object.

6. Give the 3 rings to PH.

7. Now you can train with Chirp.

8. Break the ice cube. Click on Chirp and then on the object. You will get a small crack. Click until it completely cracks.

9. Click the box to get the hat PH is wearing.

10. Click on the grappling hook. Complete your final training.

11. Go to the puffle training room.

12. Use Pop to lift the weight.

13. Use Chirp to break the glass of the snow globe.

14. Have Flare melt the ice off the chest.

15. Make Bouncer cool the chest down.

16. Then have Blast knock the Pinata down.

17. Use Loop to stop the jack in the box from moving.

18. Grab the key.

19. Open the chest.

20. Use Flit to get the note down. The mission is now over.

Mission 9 Cheats

1. Talk to the Director.

2. Go into G’s Room inside the Sports Shop.

3. Talk to Gary.

4. Go to the coffee shop.

5. After Rookie and the worker are done talking, talk to the worker.

6. Take the cocoa machine.

7. Go into the gadget room.

8. Talk to Gary. Put the cocoa machine on the Snow Trekker.

9. Then, put the pieces together.

10. Go up to your Spy Gadget.

11. Select the Trekker call button.

12. Play Snow Trekker.

13. When finished, you end up by the cave.

14. Go inside the cave and pick up the oil can.

15. Go to the exit, where you will be trapped.

16. Use Pop to lift the boulder up.

17. Have Blast break the wood.

18 . Go outside where the Trekker moved. Play again. You will be at the Mine Shack.

19. Use the Mechano-Duster so that you can clear the pile next to the penguin.You will see G’s gadget.

20. Go back to the Gadget Room and show G the machine. He will draw on the chalkboard.

21. When he’s done drawing, go to the command room. The mission is now complete.

Mission 10 Cheats

1. Call Rookie.

2. Go to the Plaza.

3. Have Flare help him weld the metal with the booth.

4. Go to the Pet Shop.

5. Pick up the paper. Then connect the dots.

6. Call the penguin with the jetpack. Go to the Ice Pond behind the Ski Lodge.

7. Talk to him there. Play Ice Fishing. Get the Treasure Chest to win.

8. When your done, click on the book and connect the dots.

9. Call Dot. Go to the Night Club. Get the new clue. Again, connect the dots.

10. Go to the gadget room.

11. Give the clues to Gary. Get the machine, the final feature to the spy gadget. The mission is now over.

Mission 11 Cheats

1. Go into the gift shop.

2. Use Pop to lift the boxes.

3. Have Bouncer throw a snowball at the robot’s face.

4. Go to the roof.

5. Throw another snowball at the robot’s face.

6. Have Flare to weld the wheel.

7. Use the Robotomy tool on his chest. Solve the 3 puzzles by moving the battery to the hole.

8. Have Pop capture the robot.

9. Bring the robot to the gadget room.

10. Give the robot to Gary. The mission has now ended.

Mission 12 Cheats

1. Use Blast to knock the robot down the ski hill.

2. Use your snowboard to chase him.

3. Have Loop catch the robot after he falls.

4. Use the Robotomy tool to power the robot off.

5. The last robot will come pick it up. The penguin with the jetpack will float down.

6. Ask him if you can use his Jetpack.

7. Go over to the pile of stuff, and grab the gas can.

8. Play Jetpack Adventure.

9. You will end up on the tallest mountain. Try to put a bubble around the disabled robot. The other robot will pop up.

10. Take Flint and knock the coffee bag on the robots head.

11. Use Chirp to disrupt him.

12. Power him off and put both robots in your inventory. The mission is now over.

Mission 13 Cheats

Note:  Use your Flashlight from the Spy Gadget andl ight it up while going in the stage.

1. Answer you communicator. You will be taken to the HQ.

2. Go in the Gadget Room, and look at the hole in the wall.

3. Play Snow Trekker. You will end up by a mountain with a hole in it.

4. Go in the hole and see the huge robot has all the elite puffles and Gary.

5. Go to the Gift Shop’s roof.

6. Use the Mechano-Duster to tickle his nose. Blast will fall to the town.

7. Go to the town and check on Blast.

8. Go to the Dock.

9. Use Blast on the chest of the Robot. Loop will be let free.

10. Go to the Ski Village. Rookie will have the rubber duck.

11. Use Loop to tie up the robot. Flare will be given back.

12. Go to the beach.

13. Have Flare weld on his chest. Flit will be released.

14. Go to the beacon.

15. Have Flit knock the anvil on the robot’s head.

16. Bouncer will jump out. Use your jetpack to follow him. You will end on top of the tallest mountain.

17. Use Bouncer to throw a snowball at the engine. Chirp will be let free.

18. Use Chirp on the robot’s chest and Pop will jump out.

19. Use a bubble to rescue Gary.

20. Power off the robot. The last mission is now over.

I hope you liked this guide!  If you have any cool comments to say, please do!

Extra Cheats:

Pair of Ice Skiis and Helping Santa:

1. Set your DS Time to Christmas. (December 25)

2. Go to the Town and talk to Santa.

3. Pick up the gifts.

4. Go to the Dock and give the Pogo Stick to the penguin with the surfboard.

5. Go to the Beach.

6. Give the penguin with the guitar a new guitar.

7. Go to the Ski Lodge.

8. Give the blue penguin with the board the new board.

9. Go to the Snow Forts.

10. Give the Jet Pack guy the box (Flat Screen TV).

11. Return to Santa and recieve your coins.

12. Go to the Iceberg and click box to get the Skates.

13. The extra is now over.

Aunt Arctic Flower Finding (Reward is coins)

1. Set your DS Time to April 1st (April Fools Day)

2. Talk to Aunt Arctic at the Plaza.

3. Sign up for the scavenger hunt.

4. Find the Flowers. (Look all over the island, it’ll be easy!)

5. Look for rare flowers and earn  more coins.

6. Search the Mine, Pool, underground places, etc.

7. When found all the flowers, return to aunt arctic and collect your coins.

8. This extra is now over.

Holiday Fun

1. Switch your DS Time to one type of holiday.

2. Look all over the island and find cool surprizes!

3. Look for activities and if you find cheats,

post them in a comment on this page!

Hope you all liked my guide!



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  73. I can’t put a bubble around the snow bot! Help me!

    Comment by Hope — July 9, 2011 @ 10:32 am

    • sometimes there’s glitches in the game card just keep trying. i coundnt pop the balloons for a while, then i slightly chandlged what i was doing (ex.: aim more to the left, right, etc.) and i eventually did it.

      Comment by pandazzzz — January 28, 2012 @ 3:45 am

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  76. how do u pass the part when u are on the roof with the robot?

    Comment by julia — February 16, 2012 @ 1:46 pm

  77. On Halloween go to the dance floor and play the game to guess (from left to right) Aunt Arctic, the jet pack guy, Dot, Rookie, and G

    Comment by Ds penguin — July 23, 2012 @ 8:00 pm

  78. Thank you so much!! When i got to level 11, i got really stuck. I never thought to use Bouncer. Thanks again!!! This was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO helpful!!! 🙂

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