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January 17, 2009

New Better Igloos Catalog Cheats


Superhero Banner:



Welcome Mat:



Too bad there’s only 2 cheats in the catalog.  : (  Waddle on!

-Wacky Flip8

🙄  😆


January 8, 2009

Elite Penguin Force DS Game Command Room and More

Hey I wanted to post this because I got Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force game for Christmas and I wanted to show everyone about the codes and the command room. Just the rooms and how to get to it.

Want to see the whole room with no one in it?  Then Click This link:


Now if you already have the game, I will give you a tutorial on how to unlock to secet command room.

1. Go to http://clubpenguin.com/ 

2. Click Play now!

3. Click Unlock Items Onine! On the page where you click ‘START’.

4. Log in and then click I have a Code.

5. Enter the code from your DS. (The code entered below doesn’t work.)

6. Log on and you will be able to get into the command room!

Enter through the closet on the HQ.

Room by self link:



: D  Hopeully you liked the room!  (Click the TV and hover over things to see hidden movements!)

December 30, 2008


Hey guys take a look at the lodge attic!!


New mission

Hey the new mission is out! Vid:


1. Talk to G.

talking to gary

2. Herbert will pop up.


3. Talk to him.

4. G will talk again.

5. Take the solar power thingy from the box to the right of G.


6. Head to the Town.

7. Go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie. (Also talk to the Gift Shop manager)

8. Then take the clothes, the brown table, and the box of oval stuff. Set up the stand outside. Then take the Solar Power Thing and fix the magnet in the Gift Shop. (Follow the instructions on the paper for understanding)

fixing magnet



9. Go to the Beach and look for the Jet Pack Guy.

10. Talk to him then head into the lighthouse. Grab a Cream Soda Can.


11. Bring it to him and pour the right amount of soda into the cups. (Read the HELP paper in the bottle for instructions)


12. Watch him take off and then head to the Night Club.

13. Try to pull the trap lever but you will need a rope.

14. Head to the Dock.

15. Ask the guy for the rope and take it back to the Night Club.


16. Attatch it to the yarn holder on the trap.


17. try to pull the lever. The trap will break.

18. Get the wrench from your spy phone and put it over the screws.

19. Fix the insides.


20. Go to HQ and your Spy Phone will ring.

21. Go back to the Dock and see a cardboard Herbert held by Klutzy.


22. Let him run-BUT DON’T CHASE HIM

23. Your Phone will ring again. Go back to the Night Club.

24. Find Herbert Trying to steal the puffle.


25. While he’s laughing, pull the lever and he’ll be trapped.

26. He’ll lift up the trap. All agents will surround him.

27. Move all the lights to the Solar Power thing.


28. The cage will close on him.

29. Talk to the people you will talk to.

30. Watch Herbert use Rookie’s Spy Phone and teleport away.


31. Talk to G once again.

32. The mission is now over.

medal and gift

😀 This guide was for mission 10 Waddle Squad. Hope you liked it!! 🙂

November 1, 2008

Secret Agent Misson Guides

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Misson 1 tutorial guide:

Misson 2 tutorial guide:

Misson 3 tutorial guide:

Misson 4 tutorial guide:

Misson 5 tutorial guide:

Misson 6 tutorial guide:

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Misson 8 tutorial guide:

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Mission 10 tutorial guide:

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