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December 9, 2009

Hay Ya’ll Peeps!

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Hello… man, I wasnt playing for so long I forgot which mammals you were!

LOL! Hello Penguins!

Doing well? I am! Just got back from _________… so yeah. HEHE
Anyways, I just came to say hi and to um, say hi, and to um, say hi, and to um, say hi and ASK YOU THIS:

Which style should I greet you?

like HAY YA’LL PEEPS, WASUP GUYS, HELLO PENGUINS, and then you can think of your own. Comment and tell me!

Also, I would like to get the site’s hits back up! So PLEASE TRY to get me as much hits as I used to! (Like my old days, average 200-300.)

I would like that back, then I can arrange out some more posts (And just as usual, Club Penguin updates…) BUT,

ONLY If MY HITS GO BACK UP! Oh and I also wanted to tell you, I beat all storyline quests (Basically beat game) on Wizard101! 🙂


FrOm, the real…

Wacky Flip8! BYe!


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