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October 9, 2010


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Hello penguins!
I know, not posting, don’t complain.
Just still getting bored of cp.
Anyways, if you guys click this link, it would really be a help.
To you too, it gives out free XboxLIVE free microsoft points (NO JOKE)!


🙂 -Wacky Flip8

BTW, if you have Halo Reach or MW2 join my new clan, FLIP.
I don’t know what it stands for, I’ll think about it.


September 20, 2010

New Domain!

Hello Penguins!
Look, I am really sorry for not posting in 2 whole months. lol
In case you didn’t notice, look up /\ at the address bar.
It says http://cpclubpenguinhome.com/ now, I just had it changed.
You can still search cpcheatshome.wordpress.com, but it will pop up as cpclubpenguinhome.com.
Just a notice post. Bye!
-Wacky Flip8

August 2, 2010

New Pin

Hello Penguins!

The new pin (compass) came out July 30.

Here is an easy guide to get it.

1. Go to the Plaza.

2. Go to the underground sewer.

3. Walk across to the door.

4. Find the compass pin on a box.

Video Guide:

Thats all for this post.

-Wacky Flip8

August 1, 2010

Orange Puffle

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Hello penguins!
In all the commotion of the last post, I forgot to post one important thing: The ORANGE Puffle!
In case any of you didn’t know, there is now an orange puffle. In the adoption book he looks a little crazy, but when you purchase him, he looks like all the others but a little bigger. He doesn’t look crazy at your igloo, only his puffle card does. There is new houses and furniture for it. Play with him to see what he does! Remember to feed him or he will dun away!

I AM B-A-C-K!!!

Hello Penguins!

As most of you probably know, I quit CP and this blog for a REALLY long time.

I decided I missed CP and posting on this website.

So I am getting my membership back and then I will post everything that comes!

I will post the new agent and puffle jazz right 3…2…1…now.

If you noticed on CP, stamps have arrived! There are 107 in all. Look in your stamp book on your player card to see how to earn them!

On to puffles. While I was gone, I see that you can now (If a member) carry 16 puffles!

Herbert P. Bear destroyed the old HQ, and now there there is the epf HQ!

1. First go to ski village.

2. Then go in the phone shop.

3. Throw a snow ball at the target and take the test.

Your are now an EPF Agent!

You can do missions, play field ops, and all sorts of AWESOME stuffs!

That’s All!

April 4, 2010

Happy easter!

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THIS POST COMES FROM MY OTHER WEBSITE: http://codmw2cheatshome.wordpress.com/ !!!

Hey people! I am guessing you know what day it is…

Eas_er  (Hint: t)

LOL! Ok, now that it is easter… yeah i got nothing. :/



That is going in my belly! (By the way, it is now a world record XD)


August 18, 2009

Keep The Site Up!

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Hey guys! You may not all know me but, I’m Wiuwa (wii for short :D).Well, i’m wacky’s friend…and i’m an author in this succesfull blog! (even more succesfull then mine 😦 ) So I wanted to make sure this site was going, and wacky has not been posting… so as a good friend, I will try to keep this great site up, bcuz I noticed the hits are going down since wacky hasn’t posted. And I will help him and I will post here and on my blog and I will see comments (but I can’t aprove them, sorry!), and feel free to ask all the questions you like. I will answer all your worries about CP bcuz I have been around for quite a while… lol so keep visiting, bcuz when wacky comes back…we want him SURPRISED with his hits! So any questions you have comment them here or on my blog: http://yaywiuwa.wordpress.com/ . So if you want to know a little bit about me…i’m a girl, i love animals, i play CP, and i’m a nice person! Well, here is my penguins face:

Well, keep enjoying this blog, but please, i will give not information about the CPNA, bcuz i don’t have permisson to make you a spy or a soldier, since i’m not the leader, but i am in the army anyway. So please, visit more, visit all the sites on the blogroll, check out the pages and have fun!


June 10, 2009


Hello Penguins!

YAY!  We get to choose summer pin

just like wiggies!

club penguin pins « Club Penguin Cheats

                                                                                                          Pin – A                       Pin – B                        Pin – C


PPL VOTE PIN C or B!!  Ok, u don’t have to.

But, I will NOT except another girly flower pin!


June 9, 2009

YAY NEW TOYS! Do de do de do..SERIES 3!

Hi.  There’s new toys in cp.

Here is the post.  Enjoy it.

OK LOL let’s stop the boringness!

There’s NEW toys in CP!  Series 3!

Wanna see the post from the blog about it?

Ok, here goes!


Hello Penguins!
What’s better than a Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, or Squidzoid toy? How about all of them (and others!) available mid-June when the Series 3 Club Penguin toys come out?

You asked for Rockhopper (Limited Edition Penguin) to come back – and he’ll be back!! You’ll also see some brand new toys. I’ve heard that some of you have seen a few of the new ones in stores early! That’s awesome – and we wanted to let you know that The Treasure Book update will happen on June 15, so you’ll be able to enter your Unlock Items Online code then.
In North America, starting soon, you’ll see the new Series 3 toys at Toys’R’Us Stores, Disney Parks, and Disney Stores (including the Disney Online store). And for those of you in the UK and Australia, you’ll see the them later this summer, so keep your eyes open! As always, we’d love to hear what you think.
Until then…Waddle on!
Club Penguin Team

May 28, 2009

New Newapaper # uhh…Nevermind that!

Hello Penguins!

Uhh…the new newspaper #…Forget that and find out urself!

Oh…srry for the rudiness…

Ok then, click here to see the new newspaper!

Here’s the list of events:

  • May 29 – New Igloo Tracks (PUMP UP THE MUSIC!)
  • May 31 – Rockhopper leaves (Sorry!)
  • June 5 – New Penguin Style Catalog (Catwalk!)
  • June 12 – AWESOME ADVENTURE PARTY!  (See ad for it here, this is a SECRET ad!)

Wow, never expected my dinner to become a party!  Have fun reading the news!

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