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May 22, 2009

New Pin cheat for Icecream Sundae Pin! MMM!



The new p..i…n…is out!!!

It’s an Icebream SUNDAE!!!!  MMMM YUMMY!

Here’s the steps to the tassty treat…

But don’t eat it!  That’s my idea, lolz!  You keep it as a pin I’ll eat it.

Or, donate your to me!  He he…yum…

1. Open your map.

2. Go to the plaza into the Pizza Parlor.

3. Pick up the Sundae pin on stage.



March 27, 2009

New Pin Cheat-Top Hat

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There is a new pin in CP!  Here are the steps to get to it:

1. Click and open your map.

2. Click the Ski Village.

3. Go to the lounge.

4. Click the laddar and go to the attic.

5. Click the Top Hat on the couch.


February 27, 2009

New Pin Glitch – Puffle-O

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Hey guys the new pin came out and it’s an O berry locted at the iceberg.


1.  Click your map.

2. Click the little iceberg in the corner.

3. Click the O-Berry pin.

That’s it.  Click here to view the newspaper cuz I have no time to post it. Cya!

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